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Suspicious Fire at Historic Gray Rocks Ski Resort:

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--November 26, 2014.

larger_gray-rocks-resort-the-century-old-ski-resort-that-will-be-c_0.jpgA fire at the abandoned Gray Rocks resort in Mont-Tremblant will be investigated, according Tremblant police.

Several fire departments were called to the place around 9 p.m. Tuesday. No one was injured in the blaze, which the fire department considers suspicious.

The ski resort closed in 2009 after 102 years in operation and has remained unused.

It’s where many people learned to ski, and it was the first resort to offer an all-inclusive experience with lessons, meals and room for one price. It was also busy during summers, when families enjoyed tennis, golf and swimming. The owners made the decision to close the doors after deeming Gray Rocks to be a “losing proposition.”