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Seeking Americans in Montreal!

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--June 11, 2012.


Thank you for providing such a comprehensive (and quite fascinating!) web site of materials on Anglophones in Quebec! Your collection of Web-based journals, oral histories, and many other materials have been a tremendous help to me as I continue to learn about English-speaking groups in Quebec.

Many thanks for all your efforts.

I've been conducting research on the historical and present day migration and settlement of "American immigrants in Montreal" between the Vietnam era and the present day (funded by the Canadian Embassy and Government of Quebec) and will be completing a set of census-based maps this summer showing their shifting 1971-2006 residential patterns in Montreal. I also plan to be in Montreal in August to conduct interviews with American residents of the city with my student assistants for this project.

Is there any chance that you might have published any articles on this topic in past issues of your excellent "Montreal Mosaic" web-based magazine or in the "Quebec Anglophone News?" I'm also wondering if anyone at QAHN has ever completed an oral history with Americans in Quebec over the years?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide with my research project.


Susan Hardwick
Professor Emerita, Geography
Dept. of Geography
University of Oregon