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Looking for Beatons

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--December 12, 2013.


My name is Gary Selby. I live at Shawbridge Quebec. I saw your post on the net. It is an old one.

I am the grandson of William John Alexander Beaton of Lost River, Argenteuil County, Quebec. He was born there in March 1874. He died on August 19, 1965, and is buried at Shawbridge, Quebec.

He married Mary Birch of 16 Island Lake in about 1907. Mary Birch's family owned the famous '' Birch Boarding House '' in 16 Island Lake, Argenteuil, Quebec.

I know that he had a brother named Donald and perhaps a sister named Sara and perhaps a brother named Neil.

He was a devout Christian. If you know anything about him or his family. Or anything about the Birch's or ''The Birch Boarding House'' of 16 Island lake, please let me know.

Thank you.

Gary Selby
Shawbridge, Quebec