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New E-Book on Pioneering Woman Doctor Maude Abbott

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--September 8, 2010

stamp_0.jpgNew Book: An Inner Grace: The life story of the late Dr. Maude Abbott and the Advent of Heart Surgery, by Elizabeth Abbott.

Dr. Abbott was the world expert on Congenital Cardiac Disease. Even as late as the 1930s the medical world believed that heart surgery was impossible. Yet from at least 1915 she was certain that Blue Babies (so called because of the cyanosis caused by lack of blood circulation) could be saved. Using her renowned Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Disease, which became a Bible for doctors, she led the way to the first heart surgery. She thus is known as the Mother of modern heart surgery.

Starting life as an orphan, Maude Abbott was to mingle with the rich and famous by the force of her amazing personality and almost unbelievable energy. She was born Elizabeth Maude Seymour Babin. Her father was accused of a serious crime and although acquitted, left Canada for the United States. Her young mother was exposed to Tuberculosis and died when Maude was an infant.

Maude was raised by her grandmother Frances, a relative of the first Marquess of Hertford, who had her surname changed to Abbott. Her older cousin and guardian was Sir John Abbott, Canadas first native born Prime Minister. He was prominent as a driving force behind the Canadian Pacific Railway, which saved Confederation. He influenced financier and benefactor Lord Strathcona to contribute money to McGill University if they would allow women students to attend. The dramatic story is now available as an E-Book on