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The Ogier family of Chêne-de-Cur, Sarthe, France, are the descendants of Philippe Ogier, secretary to King Charles V (1338-1380) of France. Ogier's role was one of influence and there are many official notations in the Paris Parliament and the administrative records of the realm that confirm the noble status of the family. In respect of their long tenure of office, during his reign, Louis XVI awarded the title of Count to the head of the family. In this way the Ogier family, which had holdings in Ivry, not far from Paris, obtained the title Comte Ogier d'Ivry. The title Viscount was held by the next oldest male member of the family who would become the Count should there be no male heir to the title in his brother's family. The title of Count did eventually devolve to Raoul Ogier d'Ivry in 1940.
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