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Graham's new book.Naming the Laurentians: A History of Place Names "Up North," isthe title of a new book written by Joseph Graham,and published by Les Éditions Main Street Inc. An anthology of stories about Laurentian places and how they got their names, it covers centuries and involves peoples and nations from far and wide. Choose a name, read about it, and you will be spun into a web of stories that connect us all.

Names from the earliest Algonquin settlements share geography with others that reflect the growth of democracy, the rivalry of the Institut Canadien and the Catholic Church, the role of the British Empire and rising influence of the United States.
Each section is introduced with a map and the book is complemented with over 80 illustrations taken mostly from early postcards. There is a detailed bibliography and an index that locates names, places and ideas.

To order, send a cheque in the amount of $33.70 ($24.95 plus taxes, postage and handling in Canada - please inquire for foreign orders) made payable to Naming the Laurentians, 1494 6th Range Road, Ste Lucie des Laurentides, QC J0T 2J0
Or simply contact your favourite bookstore and ask for a copy. The ISBN number is 0-9739586-0-X.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us or phone (819) 326-4963.