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Laurentians Photo Quiz: Name That Village! #2

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--November 23, 2016.

1) This village, seen here c.1910, was home to the Dominion Cartridge Company beginning in 1886. This company was founded by Capt. A. L. "Gat" Howard, who introduced the Gatling Gun to Canada during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. Name the village!
a) Grenville
b) Saint-Jovite
c) Lachute
d) Brownsburg

2) This village was named after the Laurentians' most famous "curé," or Catholic priest, a figure who led French Canadian (Catholic) colonization efforts in the region. Name the village!
a) Mont-Laurier
b) Mont-Rolland
c) Labelle
d) Lac-Nominingue

3) Gray Rocks Inn, seen here c.1930, was a famous resort located in what village?
a) Saint-Jovite
b) Saint-Jérôme
c) Sainte-Marguerite
d) Sainte-Adèle

4) Chalet Cochand, seen here c.1940, was a four-season resort (and the home of a popular ski school) in what town?
a) Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
b) Sainte-Marguerite
c) Mont-Tremblant
d) Saint-Donat

5) This tiny community was located midway between Carillon and Grenville, along the Ottawa River; it takes its name from the rocky soil conditions in the vicinity. Name it!
a) Stonefield
b) Stoneridge
c) Stonevale
d) Rockland

6) This early postcard depicts the bustling market in what major Lower Laurentians town?
a) Saint-Jérôme
b) Saint-Jovite
c) Mirabel
d) Joliette

7) What community, pictured here c.1905, was the birthplace of Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier?
a) Mont-Laurier
b) Saint-Lin-Laurentides
c) Saint-Antoine
d) Saint-Jérôme

8) This Ottawa River village had a wharf where small steam tugs could moor, and was (and still is) home to St. Mungo's Church. Name the village!
a) Carillon
b) St. Andrew's East
c) Calumet
d) Cushing

9) What town, shown here c.1900, is today the seat of the Antoine-Labelle MRC and the judicial district of Labelle?
a) Labelle
b) Mont-Laurier
c) Mont-Tremblant
d) Lachute

10) Beginning in the 1930s, the "ski train" brought large numbers of alpine skiers to this village located between Saint-Sauveur and Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard. Name it!
a) Morin Heights
b) Arundel
c) Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
d) Mont-Tremblant

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