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Laurentians Photo Quiz: Name That Village!

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--November 22, 2016.

larger_1.jpg1) This early postcard shows the start of the canal in what Lower Laurentians village?
a) Carillon
b) Grenville
c) St. Andrew's East
d) Rideau

2) Lake Saint-Joseph, seen here c.1920, was home to a YMCA camp. Which village was located nearby?
a) Saint-Donat
b) Sainte-Agathe
c) Sainte-Adèle
d) Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard

3) What village, seen here c.1920, was once known as the "-- Flats"?
a) Brownsburg Flats
b) Morin Flats
c) Arundel Flats
d) Tremblant Flats

4) Which Laurentians village, not far from Arundel, was once home to an orphanage?
a) Barkmere
b) Amherst
c) Brébeuf
d) Huberdeau

5) Which village, photographed here c.1940, became a popular Laurentians ski mecca in 1914?
a) Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
b) Tremblant
c) Sainte-Adèle
d) Mirabel

6) Which village, whose Presbyterian Church is seen here c.1900, was settled by Scottish immigrants in the 1820s?
a) New Glasgow
b) New Edinburgh
c) New Aberdeen
d) St. Andrew's East

7) Which village, pictured here c.1930 overlooking Lac des Sables, was originally settled by French Canadians in the 1850s, was later home to several spas and a tuberculosis hospital, and is today a popular four-season resort town?
a) Saint-Adolphe d'Howard
b) Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
c) Mont-Tremblant
d) Mont Rolland

8) Located on the North River, this village's first inhabitants came from Ireland. In 1977, the village merged with nearby Prévost. Name the village.
a) Shawbridge
b) Shawville
c) Piedmont
d) Lachute

9) This village, home to Manitou Lodge, is situated on Lake Manitou. But what village is it?
a) Saint-Donat
b) Sainte-Adèle
c) Ivry-Nord
d) Labelle

10) This town, seen here at the turn of the last century, was named for a waterfall on the North River; was an important commercial and industrial hub in the Lower Laurentians; and is today home to the oldest agricultural fair in Quebec. What town is it?
a) Brownsburg
b) Lachute
c) Carillon
d) Lost River

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