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East End School (Photo - Ray & Diana Baillie)This may be the oldest existing English schoolhouse in Quebec. Built of hand-made brick, it opened in 1808 and served Protestant elementary students until 1934. Jedediah Lane, considered to be the founder of Lachute, taught in this school in 1834.
Many men who were to attain local eminence received their early education here. Many were direct descendants of the founders of Lachute, including Thomas Barron, nephew of Col. T. Barron (landowner); G. L. Meikle, son of J. Meikle (store-owner); and Dr. G. H. Christie, son of Dr. T. Christie. Situated just east of the Protestant cemetery, this building was nicely restored in 1963 by W. M. Cunningham, and is now a residence.