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Arundel Station; Mayor Flanagan. (Photo - Ray & Diana Baillie)The railway came to Arundel in the 1890s, serving Piedmont, Montfort, Arundel and Huberdeau. The station, built c. 1912, eventually became part of the CNR system. Seen here is David Flanagan, who is the present mayor of Arundel and one of the prime movers in the preservation of the old railway station. He showed us where he had carved his name in the wall of the station as a boy. David’s father was “Doc” Flanagan; the clan remains well represented in the area.Arundel Township still has over 50% English-speakers, some of them descendants of the original settlers. Where there were once over a hundred farms, only three or four are left. Cottages, recreation and retirement have replaced farming.